Permission Giving

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In “Falling into Ease,” Rev. Aliza makes it OK for me to feel the way I feel at any given time, without condemning myself for what I think I should be feeling. She opens up the idea that I am not the only one in the universe who feels this way.  Then she gives concrete, simple ideas of how to get to the places I want to be and the feelings I want to feel. That acknowledgement was such a relief and gave me hope!

This book offers an alternative to shutting down my feelings—it gives permission to be afraid to feel them, and then feel them anyway. It shows how feeling them allows the constriction from fear to release, and walking through the feeling can allow me to be complete with it and allow it to be done. This book shows how to face my fear so that I can live free of fear.

I’ve always heard about living the life I want, but wasn’t quite sure how to make that happen. This book gives simple steps to do, coupled with the ideas to focus on, to create the life I want!


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