Restored to Your True Lminescent Self

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I love it when I find an author who takes me on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and celebration of my true self and makes the journey fun. Yes, Aliza Bloom Robinson invites us to look into our souls and sometimes feel the pain of healing. However, in Falling Into Ease, Aliza supports us in taking pride and joy in the wonderful spiritual beings we are. “Would it be alright with you if life got easier?” she asks. For some, Aliza might be speaking a foreign language when they hear that question. “Isn’t life supposed to be struggle?” they might say.

Throughout Falling Into Ease, Aliza shares stories of her own and other people’s overcomings and provides powerful principles and tools for creating the life you would love. You are a bright star. You might feel your light dimmed right now. However, after reading Falling Into Ease and following its guidance, you’ll feel restored to your true luminescent self.


Sophia Ellen Falke

Life Mastery Consultant, Speaker, and Author, Never Too Light: A Guide for Living the Life You Love

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