Touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives

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Aliza Bloom Robinson's book, "Falling into Ease", is a beautiful, well written exploration into a call to personal action.  Aliza's many years as a Pastor are evident in her ability to write making one feel as if she is speaking directly to you over a cup of tea.  Her anecdotes throughout the book help create an easy understanding of the valuable teaching that Aliza communicates in these pages.  The message of the book is revealed with each chapter building seamlessly upon concepts taught in the previous chapter.  Life can be easier if we appreciate, allow, and accept the struggle reframing the struggle into a sense of purpose.

Aliza stated her goal in writing this book is to "touch your heart, free your soul and perhaps, even, transform your life."  She says she wants to "make your life easier and end your suffering".  I believe she has more than met these goals.  This book cannot help but touch your heart and soul.  She has not only taught a most valuable life lesson but easily conveys the path we can follow to achieve a life with ease meeting her goal of transform your life.  I strongly recommend that anyone looking for more in life give yourself the gift of this book along with the companion guide book which provides a wealth of activities to help you incorporate this philosophy into your daily life.

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