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Falling Into Ease –

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I’m so glad you are here – interested in Falling Into Ease!  It’s a book, it’s a way of life and it’s a growing community.  Join our Facebook Community Here!

What is ease?

We are here on planet earth, meant to live a life of meaning, of bringing our gifts to the world, a life of love and joy and fulfillment.

As a human being on the planet, however, we often get caught up into the stress and struggle of our lives and forgetting that we have immediate access to something greater than ourselves and our troubles.

Falling Into Ease, is a book to help you release your struggle and create a life you love.  It is a labor of love and is filled with stories, exercises and ideas to implement immediately.

Want to implement the practice of Ease?

Check oGuidebook Coverut the companion: Falling Into Ease Guidebook – Simple Everyday Practices to Release Struggle and Create Ease. Come on over and join the Facebook Community – where there is continual support, tips, inspiration and more!


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