Paradox of Awakening

Coming Late May 2018!

paradox (2)

Awakening can feel like a split in our awareness, in our beingness. In this book, Aliza shares some of the apparent paradoxes of awakening; Perfect Imperfection; Destination or Journey; Oneness in Two Worlds; Alone and Not Alone; Bliss and the Hardest Work.

The world is awakening, we can see it. We are awakening to a deeper love, a deeper connection, a deeper caring of he planet and each other. This awakening is beautiful and messy.

At the end of this book you will have discovered ways to move through depression, overwhelm, the feeling of being lost. You will have an understanding of finding peace in the midst of chaos.

If you love the writings of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra; the teachings of Oprah or Marianne Williamson, you will love this simple, easy to read and profound book.